BHP explores Advanced Manufacturing Queensland’s operations in insightful facility tour

Advanced Manufacturing Queensland (AMQ) recently hosted a delegation from BHP, the world’s largest mining company, for a tour of its cutting-edge facility, led by AMQ’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, James Brycker.

Throughout the tour, BHP representatives received an in-depth look at AMQ’s manufacturing processes, guided by expert insights from the AMQ leadership team. The tour covered various aspects of production, including technology demonstrations and discussions on quality control measures.

“We were delighted to host BHP and offer them a detailed view of our manufacturing operations,” expressed an AMQ representative. “This tour underscores our commitment to transparency and excellence.”

The visit concluded with a Q&A session, encouraging dialogue between industry leaders and allowing BHP representatives to gain deeper insights into AMQ’s operations.

AMQ invites interested companies to experience its manufacturing processes firsthand by arranging a tour or reaching out for further inquiries.

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About AMQ:
Advanced Manufacturing Queensland (AMQ) is an Australian owned engineering & manufacturing company offering class leading solutions to the automotive and defence industries. Our facility located in Brisbane, Australia has the capability to take a design concept all the way through to production, providing clients with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.